About me

Years ago I had the opportunity of being a professional athlete.

This led me to accomplish different performances in ski mountaineering as winning the World Championships, in Junior, U-23 and senior categories, becoming vice world champion in Trail running and later practising BASE Jump, besides many other adventures

A chronic injury stopped my progression drastically. Nobody understood why I was not recovering and while that situation lasted my head was losing strength until I could not hold it anymore.

It was one of the most difficult moments of my life.

On an emotional level I was full of frustration and sadness, and on a physical level I had several problems to which I could not find a solution.

This led me to a path of self discovery to understand how do we create our reality.

I realised that by taking responsibility of our lives and learning how to control our mind and emotional state, we become masters of our reality and thus, it can change.

I decided to completely leave the sport and step by step start working on all those things that where stopping me from living a more fulfilled life. A life more aligned with my values and my truth, and after all happier, healthier and more abundant, at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Since then I have been devoted to the path of self-discovery and it is the pillar around which my life turns around, and, seen from this perspective, where it will always turn.