Walking together the path of discovering and working on what stops your from a more fulfilling life.

Mireia Miró Varela
Strategic Intervention Life Coach by RMT (Robbins – Madanes trained Coach)

About me

Years ago I had the opportunity of being a professional athlete. This led me to accomplish different results in ski mountaineering, as winning the World Championships, in Junior, U-23 and senior categories besides many other performances and adventures

A chronic injury stopped my progression drastically. Nobody understood why I was not recovering and while that situation lasted my head was losing strength until I could not hold it anymore

This led me to a path of self discovery to understand how do we create our reality. I realised that by taking responsibility of our lives and learning how to control our mind and emotional state, we become masters of our reality and thus, it can change.


I wanted to dedicate my professional life to something that could contribute to the well-being of others.

I chose the Strategic Intervention certificate from Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes because I wanted to learn the techniques that have helped millions of people improve their lives, besides always doing complementary trainings.


¿Do you want to have more clarity on your personal or professional life?

¿ Do you know what you want and you don’t know how to make it happen?

¿ Do you want to regain responsibility and control on your life, choices and emotions?

¿ Do you need to balance the different areas of your life as work, free time, family, …and you don’t know how to do it?

Life coaching strategies can be applied in different situations on different areas of our life, as job, family relations, or personal life.

A coaching process can be oriented towards a problem or situation we want to change or improve an area of our life, creating more wellness, performance and /or results.

Individual Sessions

In the individual sessions you will work directly with me to work on the situation or emotional state that is bothering you.

In the process we will gain clarity about the moment you are in, the point you want to reach and what is getting in the way, so that we can work with the most effective strategies.

¿ Are you ready to work with me?

Write me and let’s book a first 30’ free call!


What do clients say about me ?

“The sessions with Mireia happen in a clear and respectful way. I feel listen, understood, cared for, comfortable and respected. Each session has brought me clarity, order, understanding, a new vision and tools to put into practice. Mireia is clear and direct, with a big capacity to empathise, very respectful and intuitive. I am very grateful.”


“The sessions with Mireia have made me question many things in my life and to be more conscious about myself and my insecurities. Mireia has helped me a lot on learning to see my thoughts on a different way. When the most part of the time it was: “no” or “it’s not true” now it is “yes” or “yes, it’s possible”. I also feel more certain about myself and my possibilities.
Thanks to be a great professional and help me that much.”


“I have been lucky to meet Mireia. She has helped me uncover some limiting beliefs that where stoping me on reaching my goals and has given me tools that are helping me creating the future I want to have.”



Mireia offers a business oriented talk where she speaks about her path and the teachings she has learned along the way.

These talks are perfect to inspire teams and learn some of the keys that have helped her on her way.

¿ Do you have any question or do you want to work with me? Write me!